Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Cougar Peak #240

4.75" x 6.75" Acrylic on Paper

Ahhhh...the bitter cold greeted me again this morning as I headed out the door to paint. The temperature was a brisk 35 degrees this morning, just a few degrees shy of cold death. Once we get a good frost, things will really begin to change and the ushering in of fall will have begun. For this painting I again worked with my acrylics, first doing a quick sketch with conte, sealing it with an acrylic varnish, and then painting over the top of that.

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craigstephens said...

These are so fun to look at! I'm jealous of your weather though. It was 102 today and is supposed to be 104 for the next two days here in Sacramento. I want FALL!